How To Buy

Step 1: Add A Product to Cart

Browse our range of products from different categories and chose the product that best suits your needs and desires.

After adding the product, go on the Top right corner of the Ecosqin site and click on the basket. At this time the basket would be showing a number of products you added.

After Clicking on the Basket, Click “Proceed to Checkout”

Step 2: Register Your Account

Register your account on the website by entering your data, billing address and delivery address. Registration is currently only available for residents of Uganda.
Choose your Region from the drop-down menu and the district. If you can’t find your location, please look for a location that is near to where you want us to deliver.

Remember to write your number in international format. For example, +256772662755
On the Zip code, enter 256 for Uganda.

Step 3: Add Shipping and Billing Method

Check the total cost, including shipping costs, and select the billing method and address. Check the summary of your order and proceed to payment. There are some items that are delivered for free, so once you select your item and the location all these will apply.

Step 4: Payment

We accept MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money, Visa, and MasterCard payments. Our website uses 128-bit SSL encryption for data transmission and 256-bit AES encryption when storing data. At Ecosqin, we use a very secure SSL where transmission of data is encrypted, client and server information is authenticated with message integrity for TCP/IP connections. The protocol is designed to prevent tampering of information and forgery while transmitting data over the internet between interacting applications. We are also Level 1 PCI DSS certified which means that all systems and information involved in the payment process is kept secure, and can be trusted with sensitive payment information. Ecosqin and our third-party hosting servers don’t store, process, or transmitt information of any cardholder data on the merchant’s systems or premises.

After payment, we will contact you by phone to arrange a speedy delivery.

Step 5: Email & Payment Confirmation - Receive Your Goods

When you have completed the above steps, you will receive a confirmation email. We will then contact you by phone to arrange your delivery. For MTN and Airtel Payments, please Read How to Pay using Airtel, MTN and Africell Mobile money.